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We are 3 friends, sharing the same fist name.
No, not as long as we are together. For example, if I tell Arie it's about time for Arie to get some beer, we all now who is supposed to run to the refrigirator. (It doesn't intend I have to get it myself, but generally that's exact what's going to happen)

The 3 of us all look al lot like eachother, as shown in the foto's below.
We also often love the same things, like a glass of beer, a good exiting race, a glass of beer, enjoying walking beauty of nature, a glass of beer, a weekend at a circuit when there's a race, with a glass of beer.

But don't think itś just all for the beer! We also love a hamburger once in a while.

   Arie 8 Arie 3Arie 7

Further on we appreciate our privacy very much, because before you know it the stardom is reached, and we don't like that fuzz. If you really want to meet us, visit a Grand-Prix and look around if you can spot us.